Sunday Shout Out (01/18/2015)

Today, I want to highlight my favorite podcast, The Scathing Atheist

This podcast is by atheists and for atheists.  There are plenty of podcasts that try to appeal to atheist and theist to start conversations between the two.  This is NOT one of those podcasts! 

**Warning: This show is not for the easily offended or children.  There is an abundance of profanity and crude humor.**

Episodes are an hour in length and are released each Thursday.  It is hosted by Noah Lugeons and Heath Enright. 

They cover news articles related to religion and do it in a hilarious way!  It will keep you laughing all the way through.  Other segments in the show include:

-The Diatribe
-This Week in Misogyny
-The Holy Babel

Sometimes they conduct interviews and movie reviews.  So, if you’re an atheist and want to hear an atheist perspective on different news topics and you want to laugh at religion, this is your podcast!   Below is a diatribe (one of the best parts of the show):